Resist or submit: Europe’s dilemma in the face of Islamist malice


Turning the other cheek in the face of Islamist malice is a kind of enslavement – the enslavement of Europeans by Muslim extremists who think Westerners and Jews are pigs, apes and whores.

By Richard Mather

The present age is one of Palestinianism, antisemitism, liberal hypocrisy, ‘safe spaces’ and Islamism; an age that lacks historical understanding, devoid of common sense, an age that flies into enthusiasm over Gaza, only to decline back into indolence when the bodies of Jews and Europeans are broken.

The present age is an age of ressentiment, a French word adopted by Kierkegaard and Nietzsche to denote a sense of bitter malice directed at a scapegoat (usually the Jews) in order to insulate themselves from self-responsibility. Who are the most resentful people on earth today? The Palestinians, left-wing liberals and Islamists.

The spirit of revenge that fires the Palestinianist desire to overthrow Israel – as well as the liberal’s desire to overturn Brexit or Trump’s victory – also colors and warps his view of the past. The past is judged and found guilty for not being what it should have been.

And so the Arabs say that the Balfour Declaration should never have happened. And liberals in Britain and the United States say that Brexit and Trump should never have happened. But since the past cannot be changed, the resentful individual settles his scores by wreaking revenge on the present by murdering Jews or trying to sabotage the outcome of democratic decisions made by ordinary people in the UK and United States.

Meanwhile, Islamists everywhere resent the fact that Islamic empire building has come to nothing. Every caliphate in history has failed. Moreover, there is not a single really successful Islamic country anywhere in the world. And so resentful jihadists drive trucks into crowds of people in France and Germany out of revenge for their own failings.

The West, which has become increasingly secular in recent decades, is blind to this kind of religious resentment. Western Europeans, in particular, are inept in their understanding of current conflicts. They misread the Israeli-Arab dispute as a clash over land, and they think that acts of terrorism on European soil are symptomatic of capitalism’s failure to cater for the global poor.

Both views are wrong. What westerners (particularly those on the Left) fail to see is that Islamist terrorism is rooted in religiously-inspired rancor and malice. This is where the Islamists have the advantage. They understand only too well that the war against Jews and the West in general is not just a religious conflict, but one that is born from utter malice and failure. If the Islamists ever do defeat Western democracy, it won’t be out of strength, but simply because Europe proved weaker and sicker than the Islamists.

Actually, such a scenario is possible. Since the end of the Second World War, Europe has rid itself of its Judeo-Christian-Enlightenment heritage and burdened itself with so much colonial guilt that Angela Merkel and her EU sidekicks now lack the political will to protect their own citizens because they no longer think Europeans are worth saving.

Israel, by contrast, embarrasses the European Union by insisting on its own ethnocultural heritage and by protecting its own citizens. This is why Israel is strong and Europe is weak.

Of course, the situation might not be so bad if Europeans had embraced a robust humanism, which emphasises critical thinking, freedom and progress. Unfortunately, many in the West have become politically-correct automatons who tolerate the intolerable by creating ‘safe spaces’ on campuses for unpleasant people who wish to kill Jews and Europeans, and who undermine pluralistic values by allowing Islamist supremacists to flood into our towns and cities.

Just as one might say about the Cold War that we knew how to make distinctions between what worked (democracy, capitalism) and what didn’t (totalitarianism, communism), the present age does not make distinctions at all: there is no difference anymore, it seems, between the murdered Berliner and the terrorist who carried out the atrocity. Why do I say this? Because liberals argue that the terrorist is also a victim – the victim of borders, of capitalism, of Israel, of colonialism, a victim of everything except the failed ideology of Islamism.

Even in the face of terrorism, left-wing liberals and globalists continue to call for an end to borders because they do not make a distinction between an Islamist from Tunisia and a secular Berliner. And yet anyone with any common sense can see that there is a distinction to be made, and that making sensible is a desirable thing to do. It is not racist.

By declaring that refugees are welcome after mass sexual attacks in Cologne or truck attacks in France and Germany, the West is showing itself to be weak and sick; that Europeans have given up on their own values and relinquished their own culture, out of fear of appearing racist or colonialist. But when we no longer believe in anything, we may end up believing anything.

Kindness, humility, and sympathy are all well and good, but if resentful Islamists exploit these virtues, then there will be nobody left to extol these virtues. Turning the other cheek in the face of Islamist malice is a kind of enslavement – the enslavement of Europeans by Muslim extremists who think Westerners and Jews are pigs, apes and whores.

Who will stand up for Europe? Not Angela Merkel. Not the EU. Who will stand up for Europe? The answer is clear: Like the Israelis, we Europeans must stand up for ourselves.