My Theodor Herzl moment


By Richard Mather…

In 1894, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer in the French army, was unfairly accused of treason. Austro-Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl witnessed mobs shouting “Death to the Jews” in France and decided there was only one way out of the mess: the mass migration of Jews to a land that they could rightfully call their own.

Thus, the Dreyfus case became one of the factors in the creation of political Zionism and ultimately the State of Israel.

I had a similar awakening this past week. The Ken Livingstone affair, in which the former mayor of London accused the Jews of being in cahoots with Hitler, followed a whole host of incidents on the British Left: the election of Malia Bouattia as NUS president, the Naz Shah suspension, the ascendancy of Jeremy Corbyn, the Oxford anti-Semitism debacle and so on.

In March, the Labour Party allowed Gerry Downing, who had written about the need to “address the Jewish Question,” to be readmitted to the party following his suspension for anti-Semitism.

And Vicki Kirby, who once tweeted that Adolf Hitler might be the “Zionist God,” was readmitted to the party and appointed vice-chair of her local party executive committee.

Of course, I’ve always known the situation in Britain was bad. I’ve been writing about it for years. But the Ken Livingstone affair has cemented in my mind the belief that British society is intrinsically hostile to Anglo-Jewry and that Aliyah is the only hope for the UK’s embattled Jews.

What’s troubles me most is that the Ken Livingstone affair is merely the tip of the iceberg. Although the establishment has roundly criticised Livingstone, his views, like the views of Corbyn, Shah, Bouattia, and George Galloway, are widely shared across the British Left.

And not just the British Left. But also in Muslim communities, among the liberal chattering classes, in the media, in the NUS and universities, among the self-hating non-Jewish Jews on the radical Left, even among the working class.

In other words, anti-Zionist anti-Semitism is endemic in large swathes of British society and this is not going to change. If anything, it is likely to get worse.

The Labour Party and the British Left ought to have protected the country’s most persecuted minority; instead they have engaged in a disgraceful and squalid McCarthyite witch hunt of “Zios” (codeword for Jews).

By singling out Jews for political persecution, and by infecting public discourse with anti-Semitic poison, the Left has effectively killed the post-WW2 consensus that Anglo-Jews form an integral part of British society.

As individual citizens, we may be included in the British state. But it’s been made abundantly clear by Labour and the Left that, as Jews, we don’t belong.










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