Europeans must pick a side – Israel or the Islamists

GTY_eiffel_tower_kab_150107_16x9_992Europe has the sown the wind of Islamic extremism by aiding and abetting the Palestinians, and now it is reaping the whirlwind

By Richard Mather

For decades the West has lectured Israel on the need to partition its territory in order to placate Arab terrorists. Under pressure, Israel has pursued the narrative of land-for-peace but without success. The Arabs have rejected a two-state solution on seven or eight occasions over the past seven decades. Why? Because religion – and not land – is at the core of their rejectionism.

Anti-Jewish violence in the Middle East has always been religiously-motivated. Look at the documents, news reports and speeches from the 1920s and 1930s, and you’ll see that Arab invective aimed at Palestinian Jews was couched in extreme religious terms. The anti-Jewish histrionics of Amin al-Husseini (who sought assistance from Hitler) is a case in point. Not surprisingly, a democratic Jewish state, where Jews run their own affairs, was (and still is) anathema to the supremacist instincts of those Arabs who wanted (and still want) a pan-Arab nation or Caliphate where minorities are stripped off their rights and/or murdered.

The West, which has become increasingly secular in recent decades, is blind to the religious warfare being waged against the Jews. Westerners, particularly western Europeans, are inept in their understanding of religious conflict. They tend to misread the Israeli-Arab dispute as a clash over land. Or they think that acts of terrorism are symptomatic of capitalism’s failure to cater for the excluded poor. So it is no surprise that that many Westerners (particularly those on the Left) are simply incapable of recognising the religious (i.e. Islamist) character of terrorism when it occurs in Paris, London or Madrid.

This is where the Islamists have the advantage. They understand only too well that the war against Jews and the West in general is a religious, imperialistic, even apocalyptic, conflict. The West, by contrast, is ignorant of this reality because it is embarrassed by colonialism and has rejected religion as a way of life. The near-total destruction of Jewish life in the 1930s and 1940s, combined with the post-1945 deChristianisation of Europe, has left the continent without a religious counter-ideology on which to base a comprehensive response to Islamic imperialism.

The situation would not be so bad if Europeans had embraced a robust and confident humanism, which emphasises critical thinking, freedom and progress. Sadly, many Europeans have become politically-correct automatons who tolerate the intolerable by creating “safe spaces” on their campuses and institutions for a whole host of unsavoury people who wish to kill Jews and undermine pluralistic values. And anyone who dares to criticise this set-up is branded an “Islamophobe,” “racist,” “Zio-Nazi” or “Tory scum.”

But there is one thing that Europe could do, while it is still possible.  And that is to stop sending out mixed messages over the Israeli-Arab issue and pick a side. Either Israel or the Islamists. Do the French, English, Danes and Italians etc have more in common with a democratic, secular and pluralistic society like Israel or with an anti-democratic, gay-bashing, Islamist quasi-state such as Palestine? (Of course, unless Europe gets its act together and stops the creeping Islamisation of its societies, it will become less like Israel and more like Palestine).

Moreover, if Europeans are not prepared to divide Paris or London for the sake of peace, then they should not demand that Israel divides Jerusalem. If they really believe in tolerance, progress and equality, then they should support the Jewish state, not pander to Palestinian leaders like Mahmoud Abbas who regularly incites violence against Jews and denies the Holocaust. And if Europeans believe that the best response to the Paris terror attacks is to drop bombs on Islamic State, they should not criticise Israel for bombing Gaza when Hamas kills Israeli civilians.

The EU’s support for the Palestinians (and the concessions made to the anti-Semitic BDS movement) is possibly one of the worst policy decisions ever made. By criticising and demonising the State of Israel, Europe has not only emboldened Muslim fascists in the region, it has also stiffened the resolve of Islamists around the world who smell the decay of Western moral failure and attack civilians in European schools, cafes, bars, workplaces, supermarkets, nightclubs, trains and buses.

In other words, by picking the wrong side in what is shaping up to be a global conflict between liberal democracy and Islamism, Europe is reaping the whirlwind.




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