The new politics is no politics

Corbyn AbbottBy Richard Mather…

Has the Labour Party given up? As things stand, there is no chance of Labour doing well in the next general election because the waiting, the duration, and the anticipation of election victory in 2020, are all absent. It looks like Labour has relinquished hope of ever being back in government. Are the Corbynistas trying to kill off the party?

Usually in the act of murder there is a body waiting to be discovered. But in the case of Labour, the victim will be absent. Not because the corpse of Blairism never existed; but because if it is ever found, its very existence would mean that Blairism really did live and breathe. And that would be anathema to the purists who pretend New Labour was a mirage.

As such, the Corbynistas perpetuate the outmoded economic and social arguments of the 1970s. But they are dressing them up as new and radical critiques in order to maintain an appearance. Labour’s idea of progress is to exhume the past, which is not very inspiring. An entire culture of irrelevance now labours (pun intended) inside Britain’s main opposition party.

Thirdly, the election of Corbyn and the lack of coherent shadow cabinet decision-making mean there are no responsible adults in charge of Labour. The current situation of floating responsibility over major policy issues such as Trident, Syria, the EU and the benefits cap, is farcical and unsustainable. Even some of the trade unions are starting to grow tired of the Corbynshambles.

If Labour is not interested in power, then what is its purpose? It seems to me that the main function of Corbyn is to actualise and preserve the far Left’s narrow sectarian interests within the party. The ultimate end of Labour, concealed by a bogus exercise in democratic discourse (“the new politics”), is to maintain control of centrist/moderate MPs by any means necessary, including deselection, briefings and social media abuse.

Labour exists – but only just. In fact, it is living through a catastrophic collapse of meaning and intellectual malaise. The Labour Party lost many of its intellectual heavyweights in 2010 when Gordon Brown left Number 10 and the country entered a period of centrist coalition led by the Conservatives. Since then the Labour Party has been led (and staffed) by political pygmies.

It has been years since Labour came up with an interesting or worthy policy initiative. With the possible exception of Liz Kendall, the recent leadership race demonstrated how intellectually bereft the Labour has become. Labour has been suffering intellectual decline since 2010. During the Miliband years the party had very little direction or coherence. And now, Labour has been reduced to the Twitter party: a social media/protest organisation that proffers a seemingly endless proliferation of callow opinion from the naive, foolish and the extreme. The new politics is no politics at all.


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